Forged Realms: Core Set

Created by Calvin Nelson

Forged Realms: Core Set
358 backers pledged $14,536.00 on Kickstarter

Forged Realms is a simultaneous tactical dueling card game that plays in about 10 minutes Players build an army from a large pool of spells and creatures including the Border Knight, Necromancer, Siege Troll, Crypt Wolf, Goblin King and more. You then have only 5 turns to try and drive your opponent from the battle field using tactics, scouting, speed, flanking, and combat

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$14,536.00 / 358 backers
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Playmat: Goblin Pyro
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Playmat: Knight Lord
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Fields Of Flame Add-On Set (2 packs)
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Playmat Bundle: Goblin Pyro AND Knight Lord
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Tip Jar
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Epic Tier - (save $5 + NO extra shipping) 2x Fu...
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Knight Tier - Core Set + stretch goals
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